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Fors Marsh Group Selects Columbus, Ohio, as Second Office Location

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 Fors Marsh Group Selects Columbus, Ohio, as Second Office Location

Fors Marsh Group (FMG) opened its second office in Columbus, Ohio, in February to enhance productivity for national and global data collection and processing. The Columbus office will service FMG’s data operations by managing the design, distribution, collection, and analysis of paper, phone, online, mobile, and in-person surveys as well as the associated data technology management and respondent support systems for this type of work. FMG’s surveying capabilities span seven key markets: technology, consumer, health, finance, defense, homeland security, and policy.

Columbus was selected due to its proximity to top colleges, a qualified workforce, strong economic... more

Accelerating Growth, Increasing Impact in 2018

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At Fors Marsh Group’s (FMG) annual meeting on February 2, FMG leadership highlighted the company’s success in 2017 and goals for 2018. "We are incredibly proud of the success Fors Marsh Group has created for our clients," said Dr. Sean Marsh, CEO, at FMG’s annual all-hands company meeting. "This success has been fueled by investing in talented people, expanding our market expertise, and delivering researched-backed solutions that deliver impact. In 2017, FMG expanded our ability to support clients through delivering strategic solutions to solve complex challenges, while receiving exceptional ratings for client satisfaction. In 2018, we will continue building new partnerships in the defense, health, and consumer industries—all of which leverage FMG’s unique insight and expertise." In 2017, FMG saw increases in new client engagements... more

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year - Conference Season

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April is a really exciting month as it kicks off the start of the busy conference season and plenty of speaking engagements. My calendar seems pretty booked and I am excited to meet new people and talk about UX with others in the DC/NoVa area, and at conferences across the country. Here is a brief rundown of what’s to come – hope to see you at a few: Tuesday, April 8 - DC Web Women’s Code(Her) Workshop Series: I will be teaching about integrating usability testing methods in development. This should be eye-opening and encourage lots of conversation because many people do not even know that they can or should test their products even as early as during the coding stage. (David discussed this last... more