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When is research "debunked"?

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We rely on scientific research findings to form the basis for a variety of important decisions about issues like how money should be spent, how to keep people safe, and what kinds of foods to eat. Research findings that are widely accepted as true by the public affect decisions we make. A study of how the lay public is confused by news reports on cholesterol and diet provides one example ( When published research findings conflict with each other and there’s no consensus on the truth, the trustworthiness of that research is called into question. Lately, the popular media has summarized a number of debates among academic researchers regarding the trustworthiness of published research. An article on attitudes toward same-sex marriage was retracted by... more

April: Month of the Military Child

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At Fors Marsh Group, we’ve long supported and conducted research with military service members throughout the military career lifecycle – from new recruits, to current active duty and reserve component service members, to service members transitioning back to civilian life. At each stage of their journey, there is one constant that remains, and that is family. This April marks the 30th anniversary of the Month of the Military Child, which seeks to recognize the contributions and sacrifices made by the youngest members of our nation’s military community. There are nearly 2 million U.S. military children, including over 1.1 million children of Active Duty service members and 700,000 children of Reserve Component service members. Approximately 37% of military children are age 5 and under, 31% are... more