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Program Evaluation

At FMG, we firmly believe that the greatest policy and program improvements can be shaped through research and evaluation. Frameworks, theories, and hypotheses can then be built, tested, modified, and retested over time. We apply rigorous and research-backed methods to improve the performance of business and policy performance.

Our team’s approach to program assessment consists of collecting, analyzing, and reporting data to measure performance relative to national targets, identifying process improvements, to support program planning and implementing and employing program planning processes to eliminate deficiencies in policy and program plans to improve performance and results.

We have executed hundreds of studies evaluating and reporting on policy-related topics such as overseas voting, military readiness, executive performance, diversity and inclusion, and sexual misconduct and sexual assault prevention.

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Justin Baer

Justin Baer

Vice President, Public Policy Evaluation

Examples of Our Methods

  • Election Administration
  • Public Opinion
  • Policy Implementation
  • Internet and Politics
  • Federal and State Policy Processes
  • Needs Assessment Evaluations
  • Process and Outcome Effectiveness Evaluations
  • Conceptual Framework Development
  • Training Evaluations
  • Policy Decision and Impact Analyses

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