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The FMG Difference

Each day at FMG, we make an impact on the world. As a Certified B Corporation, 2019 Washington Post Top Workplace, and 2019 NVFS CARE Award winner, FMG’s positive impact extends far beyond our client portfolio. When you join our team, you’ll be trusted by clients, colleagues, and leadership to apply your expertise to make an impact on everything you are a part of. Join us and, together, we can work to ensure a better tomorrow.

Diverse Experiences Create Our Inclusive Environment

One of the key drivers in creating positive impact at FMG is our belief in embracing diverse experiences and thoughts to foster an inclusive corporate environment. To ensure that this belief becomes impactful, we founded the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) Committee, Racial Equity Team, and Affinity Groups. These initiatives are open to the entire FMG community, creating a safe and respectful space for employees to understand and embrace one another’s unique perspectives.

DE&I Committee

The DE&I Committee’s purpose is to serve as a resource for the organization, to encourage a diverse and inclusive environment, to ensure employee participation and engagement on these matters, and to assist the organization in achieving its mission to put people first and achieve greater equity.  The DE&I Committee promotes an inclusive environment, advocates and supports engagement among FMG employees, facilitates events that promote the value of diverse thought and experience, and evaluates FMG policies as they relate to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Racial Equity Team

The Racial Equity Team (RET) is a group of racially and ethnically diverse employees at all levels throughout the organization (from entry-level to executive leadership), who provide FMG’s strategy in becoming a more racially equitable organization. RET  guides this transformation by providing space and opportunity for difficult conversations about race, racism, and privilege to take place, while simultaneously providing our employees with the tools and resources they need to see the world – and the work they do – through an explicitly anti-racist lens.

Black at FMG Affinity Group

The mission of the Black at FMG Affinity Group is to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion to permeate the fabric of the FMG community and have a meaningful impact on the experience of current and future employees, while fostering strong connections among FMG’s Black employees and allies when appropriate. The Black at FMG group’s focus areas are professional development, external recruitment and broadening cultural awareness.

LGBTQIA+ at FMG Affinity Group

The mission of the LGBTQIA+ at FMG affinity group is to provide LGBTQIA+ employees, and allies when appropriate, with a dedicated community that centers around the discussion and celebration of diversity of gender, sex, and sexuality. This affinity group welcomes all who identify outside of the cisgender, heterosexual paradigm, including those who are unsure, questioning, or private about their identity. The LGBTQIA+ at FMG group’s focus areas are community, safety, and organizational development.

Parents at FMG Affinity Group

The mission of the Affinity Group is to support parents working at FMG. The group aims to provide a space for community, to share and seek resources, and to discuss the ways our work and family lives intersect. The Parents at FMG group welcomes all parents, caregivers, and parents-to-be to join these conversations.

Global Impact Starts With You

We believe in making a greater difference in society through our work and our corporate practices. We believe in this mission so much that we became the first Washington, DC-area research company to become a Certified B Corp. As a Certified B Corp, FMG is committed to business practices that benefit our clients, organization, employees, community, and the world. Here are some of the ways our staff create global impact:


To deepen our engagement with the needs of our community, FMG launched a community service program—the Social Engagement through Research- centered Volunteerism (SERV)—in 2017. Through participating in SERV, FMG staff deliver market research and application services to local, mission- aligned organizations. Through SERV and FMG’s research efforts, traditionally underserved groups in our community receive better resources and improved services. 


In response to the national opioid epidemic that has killed tens of thousands of Americans and impacted millions, FMG—in partnership with WPP and iHeart Media—launched the National Opioid Action Coalition (NOAC) in 2018. NOAC is focused on reducing stigma as a barrier to addiction prevention, treatment, and recovery.

Volunteer Time Off (VTO)

All FMG employees receive paid time off to volunteer, known as VTO. FMG employees use VTO to support causes they are passionate about and engage in community activities such as visiting local retirement homes, volunteering at afterschool programs, assisting county elections boards, and cleaning up parks.

Core Values. Valuable Benefits.

Our work and actions have purpose. We put people first. We do things the right way. We produce results creating impact. We never stop looking for opportunities to grow. These are the five core values everyone at FMG strives to activate every day. And FMG provides employee benefits that reflect these core values, too.

Training and Development

FMG offers extensive career development opportunities. All employees have a training budget and are eligible for tuition reimbursement after their first year of employment.


At FMG, employees can enroll in a 401k retirement plan with company matching and no vesting period.

Healthcare and Dental

FMG provides top-tier medical, dental, vision, and long-term disability coverage at 100% for employees. FMG also makes nutritious snacks, healthy beverages, and wellness programs available to all employees.

Work-Life Balance

FMG provides flexible work hours, telework opportunities, and generous vacation time, sick time, holiday leave, and maternity and paternity leave. Also, every hour worked overtime converts to an hour of comp time. 

Transportation Reimbursement

Monthly commuting costs are covered by FMG through either a paid parking space or Metro fare reimbursement.


FMG offers competitive salaries and additional compensation opportunities.

Our Team

FMG staff smiling
FMG employees at the FMG Annual Party
FMG employees drinking coffee
Employees riding bikes
Trip to the African American History Museum
Donating food
FMG smiling in B Corp shirts
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FMG staff smiling
FMG employees at the FMG Annual Party
FMG employees drinking coffee
Employees riding bikes
Trip to the African American History Museum
Donating food
FMG smiling in B Corp shirts
group smiling at party

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