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The Center for Acquisition Excellence’s (CAPE) mission is to make General Services Administration (GSA) the federal government’s premier employer for acquisition professionals by recruiting, developing, and retaining a community of strategic business partners with exceptional acquisition competencies. With this ambitious mission, CAPE needed a partner to enhance GSA’s traditional acquisition professional development strategies and build the bench for long-term success.


CAPE partnered with Fors Marsh Group (FMG) to develop new and convert existing training content into a series of interactive training materials FMG converted existing dense courseware into varying degrees of interactive course materials and developed new training materials.


The CAPE program now incorporates an entirely new approach to training development for GSA employees with an emphasis on learning efficacy and GSA specific skill development. Additionally, the CAPE program was nominated for ACT-IAC’s Igniting Innovation 2018 award due to FMG’s innovative approach to creating programs that increase the effectiveness of high-interactivity eLearning.

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John Low, Vice President, Human Capital FMG

John Low

Vice President, Human Capital

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