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Since August 2020 FMG has been committed to slowing the spread of and building vaccine confidence for the largest health crisis of our time. As the prime contractor for the COVID-19 Public Education Campaign, or We Can Do This, we quickly needed to assemble data assets to understand and target audience segments across nearly every age group, geographic area, ethnicity, race, gender, and numerous other unique differentiators in the United States.  

At the same time that FMG was rapidly developing data visualization dashboards and analytics, the data sources themselves were still being created or updated continuously. Imagine building a jet engine while in flight with parts that might be very new or dated. With lives at stake, there was no time for prototyping and pre-testing. As new data sources became available every month, we incorporated them to improve the richness of insights.   


FMG’s complex and powerful data system brings together data from more than 20 different sources, compiling a visual snapshot of hundreds of activities—paid ads, digital influencers, social media, and many more—against the human detail used to target segmentation and other marketing tactics. Marketing data is overlayed on census and other geographic and demographic data as well as health data, ranging from infections to hospitalizations and deaths, to vaccine and booster counts.  

Our tool provides the situational awareness to view disease trends in near real-time and determine next steps. FMG aligns priority resources with virus hot spots and audiences that may be most receptive to our behavior-change message. We continue to closely monitor the system, conduct quality checks, and make improvements in real-time to ensure our insights are reliable.  


Our data visualizations and campaign dashboards allowed ASPA to stay locked in on COVID-19 and communicate custom messages aligned with the needs of each audience. As the virus moves and morphs, and as vaccines and boosters are authorized to younger populations, we pivot our integrated campaigns toward areas and populations where they will have the most impact. Our dashboards are more granular than many public health data systems and more geographically disperse than many commercial ones. Faster insights mean quicker connections, the ability to identify patterns using everything from infection rates to buying trends, and then guide the next marketing opportunity for public health messaging.  

Learn more in our blog post, Segmentation and Optimization: FMG’s Data-driven Approach to Building Vaccine Confidence.

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