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Difficulties in the military recruiting environment, coupled with the U.S. Coast Guard’s interest in connecting with new segments of the market, led the Coast Guard to examine their recruiting campaign to find out how it was resonating within the prospect market.


Fors Marsh Group (FMG) helped the Coast Guard and its partner ad agency evaluate the Coast Guard’s existing outreach campaign. FMG conducted focus groups, in-depth interviews, and eye-tracking studies across the United States to better understand people’s reactions to the brand as well as to collect feedback on current print materials and television advertisements. 


Key findings highlighted that limited knowledge about the Coast Guard hindered prospects’ ability to connect with the Coast Guard brand. FMG developed research-based recommendations to bring the Coast Guard brand to life for prospects, including showcasing key information about the Coast Guard and appealing imagery.

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Katherine Ely Fors Marsh Group

Katherine Ely

Vice President, Military Personnel Analytics

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