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CSG sought to identify deficiencies and inconsistencies in data collected over several years analyzing grant-awarded organization’s processes and outcomes. These grants and data were offered through the Federal Voting Assistance Program (FVAP) under its Electronic Absentee Systems for Elections (EASE) and Effective Absentee Systems for Elections (EASE 2) grants.


FMG evaluated each EASE grant and categorized it according to its objectives, hypotheses, and data packages. For each grant, FMG assessed whether the data provided by the grantee is sufficient for an evaluation of the project to be conducted. For those grants that did not have all of the data necessary for an evaluation, FMG identified the deficiencies or inconsistencies that existed in the data and determined if these problems can be addressed with data from other sources. 


FMG provided a detailed report to CSG covering results of the assessments, and the report was then submitted to FVAP. The report categorized each grant by its broad objectives. Within each category, FMG identified (1) the grants that can be evaluated with the data provided by the grantee, (2) the grants that can be evaluated if additional data were collected or added to the existing data, and (3) the grants that cannot be evaluated, even if additional data were added.

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