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After each Federal election, FVAP is congressionally mandated to measure and report on voter registration and participation rates of two unique voting populations: military service member voters and overseas civilian voters. Previous attempts to measure the size and distribution of these populations in the past were not sufficient to meet Congress’ mandate.


FVAP partnered with Fors Marsh Group to accurately measure the registration and voting activities of these two populations. FMG devised a new methodology for estimating the size, geographic distribution, and participation rate of the overseas U.S. citizen population. It also ensured this effort and methodology could be effectively repeated for future elections. FMG gathered data on civilian U.S. citizen/U.S. borne populations from multiple countries’ statistical agencies.

Additionally, FMG used the generations of multi-source dataset—including publicly available country-level demographic and economic data—to arrive at population estimates for all countries over the course of 2000-2014. Combined with individual-level voter data obtained from state-government voting agencies, these estimates were used to generate accurate country-level and global estimates of the voting rates of U.S. citizens living outside the United States for the 2012 and 2014 general elections.


Both efforts have improved how FVAP and the Federal Government distribute voter registration information and resources to ensure these American citizens have access to facilities and information to cast ballots. FVAP now has a repeatable, effective process for understanding and reporting on the demographics and voting characteristics of military and overseas voters.

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Brian Griepentrog - Fors Marsh Group

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