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Cotton Council International (CCI) is a non-profit trade association that promotes U.S. cotton fiber and manufactured cotton products around the world. Part of their work is supporting new product development that expands the consumer market for cotton goods, but the organization needed information on which potential new products would be most appealing to consumers.


CCI asked Fors Marsh Group to implement a research plan that included both qualitative and quantitative elements that could evaluate international consumers’ interest in and probability of purchasing potential new cotton products. FMG conducted in-person focus groups with consumers in London, and then collected quantitative data through an online survey of consumers in eight different countries, including several European countries, China, and India.


Findings from the qualitative and quantitative research were combined to help guide CCI’s decisions about future innovations and identify which potential products they should support in order to advance and expand the use of American cotton worldwide.

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Brian Griepentrog - Fors Marsh Group

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