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Working in tandem with Wunderman Thompson, FMG was responsible for identifying constructs to measure alcohol misuse factors and for identifying barriers to stop or curb excessive alcohol consumption. The research provided a foundation to identify persona profiles and behaviors associated with alcohol abuse.


The process of designing an outreach strategy to produce behavior change began with understanding the audience and identifying both primary drivers of the current behavior and potential barriers to adopting more desired behavior. To this end, FMG:

  • Conducted formative research to identify the motivators for and barriers to alcohol abuse
  • Utilized research findings to inform effective messaging strategies for the communication campaign
  • Conducted copy testing to ensure the execution of the messages resonated strongly and produced the intended effect(s).


Survey research and focus groups were conducted with junior Marines to assess high-risk groups and to test messaging strategies to combat the issue. We assessed messaging insights and looked at which communication channels were most effective in reaching high-risk target segments of the Marine Corps population. We analyzed metrics related to stress, job/life satisfaction, coping strategies, alcohol consumption motivators, alcohol culture, physiological and emotional risk awareness, alcohol related behaviors, alcohol abuse perceptions, and psychological reactance.

The final campaign was launched on Marine Corps bases around the world through online, print, and on-base media channels in hopes of increasing awareness of the need to curb alcohol abuse in the Marine Corps.

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