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In recent years, digital banking has been a growing trend, one that was further accelerated by the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. Despite the prevalence of digital banking, there are still many policies and structures that are focused on traditional in-person banking. Given this changing environment, a financial institution wanted evidence to support federal financial policy changes related to consumer preferences for credit card disclosures and the impact of the mode (online vs. paper) on user comprehension.


To answer key questions about banking modes, we used AccuForms and 1) held discovery workshops focused on key questions of interest, 2) ran 24 in-depth interviews on the usability of credit card disclosure statements (e.g. Schumer Box, Minimum Payment Warning), 3) administered a representative survey on consumer behaviors and attitudes to 2,000 respondents, and 4) designed and ran a randomized controlled trial of 1,600 participants assigned to paper and online disclosures.

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FMG provided the client with credible information about the consumer preferences for and effectiveness of online versus paper disclosures that can be used to shape future federal financial policy to enhance consumer experiences.

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Justin Baer

Justin Baer

Vice President, Public Policy Evaluation

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