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Examining the Link Between Substance Abuse and Mental Health

In the month of May, Mental Health Month is observed in the United States to raise awareness and educate the public on mental health. Mental illness remains shrouded in stigma, yet approximately one in five American adults (roughly 43.8 million people) are affected by mental health conditions. Untreated mental health conditions can result in consequences such as suicide, homele ...

#MeToo and the Military

#MeToo and the Military: Considerations for Conducting Focus Groups on Sexual Misconduct

Since 2017, allegations and revelations around sexual misconduct have dominated headlines, and the national conversation around gender began to shift. Many refer to this as the #MeToo Movement, which references the hashtag developed to convey the prevalence of sexual misconduct in the nation. In the midst of this important cultural dialogue, Fors Marsh Group was tasked by the U ...

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