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Fors Marsh Group (FMG) again partnered with the First Amendment Center of the Freedom Forum Institute, a programming and education partner of the Newseum, to conduct the annual State of the First Amendment (SOFA) survey. The SOFA survey measures Americans’ attitudes toward the First Amendment and knowledge of the core freedoms listed in the First Amendment.

“We are proud to partner with the Freedom Forum Institute’s First Amendment Center on this important work,” said Dr. Krysha Gregorowicz, public policy senior researcher at FMG. “Similar to last year, this work draws upon our capabilities in survey development and analysis, as well as our public policy evaluation expertise. Leveraging this expertise and our partnership with the Freedom Forum Institute, we uncovered important insights into American’s attitudes about the First Amendment and related public policy concerns.”

This year, the SOFA survey identified American’s feelings and attitudes toward fake news, hate speech on social media, and how the media should cover the executive office. The 2018 survey also found that although most Americans can’t name all of the freedoms guaranteed by the First Amendment, they have strong opinions about specific First Amendment issues they encounter in daily life.

“The State of the First Amendment survey enables us to take a deep dive into how current political events shape people’s attitudes and opinions about their First Amendment freedoms,” said Gene Policinski, president and chief operating officer at the Freedom Forum Institute. “By leveraging FMG’s capabilities and expertise in survey design, research, and policy evaluation, we can better understand these attitudes toward the First Amendment and what issues are important to the American public.”

Read the full SOFA report here. To learn more about FMG’s work in the policy market, view our Policy page.

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