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At Fors Marsh Group’s (FMG) annual meeting on February 2, FMG leadership highlighted the company’s success in 2017 and goals for 2018.

“We are incredibly proud of the success Fors Marsh Group has created for our clients,” said Dr. Sean Marsh, CEO, at FMG’s annual all-hands company meeting. “This success has been fueled by investing in talented people, expanding our market expertise, and delivering researched-backed solutions that deliver impact. In 2017, FMG expanded our ability to support clients through delivering strategic solutions to solve complex challenges, while receiving exceptional ratings for client satisfaction. In 2018, we will continue building new partnerships in the defense, health, and consumer industries—all of which leverage FMG’s unique insight and expertise.”

In 2017, FMG saw increases in new client engagements and projects, revenue, and staff size. FMG began engagements with new federal clients—including the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), the U.S. Army Research Institute (ARI), and the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH)—and new private sector clients—including the Pew Research Center, Deltek, Cotton USA, and the Newseum. In 2017, FMG also established the Learning Technologies division, which provides clients with solutions to empower employees and align performance to objectives through eLearning, trainings, performance support, and collaboration.

“We worked hard to increase employee voice in 2017, and saw significant changes in employee engagement,” said Dr. Brian Griepentrog, Senior Vice President. “FMG’s proprietary Total Organization Health Survey (TOHS) along with a variety of supplemental communication tools allows us to continuously improve our policies and practices to be consistent with a client and employee centric culture.”

FMG also continued its commitment to corporate citizenship in 2017 by becoming a Certified B Corporation, creating the Community Impact Team (CIT), and by adding volunteer time off for employees. Also in 2017, FMG CIT launched the SERV Initiative, which activates FMG’s talent in a formal pro bono capacity to deliver research and application services to local, mission-aligned organizations.

“At Fors Marsh Group, we believe in making a greater difference in society through our work and our corporate practices,” said Ben Garthwaite, Senior Vice President. “Our corporate citizenship efforts—including our B Corp Certification and FMG CIT—affirmed our commitment to ensuring our business practices not only benefit our clients, their employees, and their important stakeholders, but also our own organization, employees, community, and environment.”

In 2018, FMG will continue expanding into new markets and domains. FMG leadership expects to see continued growth in new client engagements and projects, revenue, and staff during this transition. FMG also looks to continue successfully competing for federal work through existing contract vehicles; including Oasis, HCaTS, PSS, IT 70, and 738 X.

FMG will also launch its new website in early 2018, which will provide in-depth details of FMG’s capabilities, markets in which FMG has expertise, case studies of client work and white papers, and blogs and videos with insights from FMG experts.

Visit the About page to read more about FMG and the Capabilities page to learn about FMG’s capabilities. To see open positions at FMG, visit our Careers page.


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