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In November 2017, Fors Marsh Group (FMG) became the first Washington, D.C.,-area research company to earn a Benefit Corporation Certification (B Corp Certification). Becoming a Certified B Corporation affirms our commitment to making an impact on our society and to considering the impact of our business decisions on our clients, employees, and community. When we began the certification process, we were pleased to find that many of our employee policies were already in line with the B Corp standards, including, community programs, top-tier health benefits, telework options, and flexible work hours. Now, one year later, FMG has launched new programs aligned with both B Corp’s and our own standards:

Make an impact in our community: FMG launched Social Engagement through Research-centered Volunteerism (SERV), a community service program that activates our talent to deliver pro bono market research and application services to local, mission-aligned organizations. Through SERV and FMG’s research efforts, traditionally underserved groups in the community receive better resources and improved services.

Make an impact on the environment: FMG switched to the Bevi hydration machine, which has reduced the number of bottles and cans we use every week by 200 and has improved the healthy drink options we provide our employees.

Make an impact for our employees: FMG established an employee-led Community Impact Team (CIT) that is responsible for steering FMG’s relevant corporate actions, facilitating information sharing for employee-driven volunteer activities, and measuring and improving the impact of the program. FMG also offers an employee volunteer program, in which employees receive time off to volunteer for programs in their community as well as company-wide volunteer efforts.

Make an impact for our clients: As a B Corp, FMG has access to a community of business leaders and organizations dedicated to solving the world’s toughest challenges. Also, as more of the workforce makes decisions about where to work based on the impact they can create, FMG’s B Corp certification allows us to draw in some of the brightest and most dedicated members of the talent pool.

As we reflect on the progress we have made over the past year as a B Corp, we are proud to join with Certified B Corporations across the United States to launch the Vote Every Day campaign. The campaign launched after Election Day, on November 7, and is aimed at encouraging consumers to vote their values beyond Election Day and throughout their daily lives.

The Vote Every Day campaign is a concerted effort to empower people to put money behind their values and work with and purchase from Certified B Corporations. By supporting B Corp brands that make it their mission to balance profit with purpose, people can vote their values every day.

Participating in the Vote Every Day campaign affirms FMG’s commitment as a Certified B Corporation to making an impact in our local community, contributing to a healthier environment, and creating more high-quality jobs with dignity and purpose. With the Vote Every Day campaign, we are proud to offer our partners, clients, and employees the opportunity to support these causes and make the world a better place.

Interested in learning more about the Vote Every Day campaign? Watch this video on what it means to Vote Every Day. Visit our website to learn more about Fors Marsh Group and our B Corp Certification.  

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