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Graduate School USA Partners with Fors Marsh Group to Develop Innovative Education Solutions for Rising Federal Workforce Leaders

To address the growing need for federal workforce training in the DC-area, Graduate School USA (GSUSA) has partnered with Fors Marsh Group (FMG) to identify the critical training needs to prepare the next generation of leaders in the federal workforce.

“With FMG’s extensive work in human capital and training programs, we are well equipped to develop education solutions that aid GSUSA in empowering and inspiring federal employees,” said Andy Blenkle, Vice President at FMG. “This effort will improve existing GSUSA academic programs to better train federal and state government employees in Washington, D.C. and around the country.”

FMG will explore the different ways the federal workforce accesses training and benefits from it through a variety of modern qualitative methods, such as ethnographic research and in-depth interviews. The insight from these studies will drive a comprehensive strategic document that will offer the roadmap featuring topics like curriculum delivery channels, the classroom of the future, and GSUSA branding and messaging to enhance academic programs and increase enrollment. The educational topics will focus on human resources, project management, financial auditing, marketing and communications, and leadership.

“By combining FMG’s research teams, human capital and eLearning experts, and marketing specialists, we are uniquely positioned to create innovative solutions that empower the federal workforce,” said Rhyannon Curry, Senior Human Capital Consultant at FMG. “These solutions are designed to enable GSUSA to enhance curriculum topics, increase enrollment, and examine expanding its services – both geographically and to additional segments of the national workforce.”

FMG’s research will help shape the strategic decisions that GSUSA makes in supporting the federal workforce over the next decade. FMG’s work will also identify priorities for GSUSA to focus on to achieve their goal of becoming the premiere provider of in-person and online training and education for the federal workforce.

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Andy Blenkle

Andy Blenkle

Andy Blenkle is a marketing executive with extensive advertising experience supporting non-profits and federal organizations. At FMG, Andy serves as Vice President, focused on supporting client marketing campaigns and business development and partnership efforts. In his executive-level experience, Andy has served as President of iostudio, a Nashville-based digital marketing firm, and ...

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