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Fors Marsh Group Partners With The Global Recovery Initiatives Foundation To Improve Opioid Recovery Infrastructure And Funding

Fors Marsh Group (FMG) partnered with the Global Recovery Initiatives Foundation (GRI) to provide recovery resources for individuals battling opioid addiction. The GRI is dedicated to funding organizations that provide support services for people in early recovery from substance use disorders. The partnership builds on FMG’s work to end the opioid epidemic by reducing stigma and will help strengthen the infrastructure for recovery services in the United States.

“FMG’s ongoing work to fight the opioid epidemic has given us insights into the addiction crisis in America, specifically around the critical need for recovery resources. We believe FMG can make a significant impact to ending the opioid epidemic with a national, coordinated approach that improves the funding structure and quality of recovery services across the United States,” said Matt Escoubas, director of FMG’s  Service Engagement through Research Volunteerism (SERV) division. FMG SERV is a company division tasked with tackling pressing societal issues through pro bono, employee-led projects.    

FMG will provide GRI with pro bono research and communication services over multiple years. FMG will leverage its deep experience in health research, behavioral science, and program evaluation to drive philanthropic support of community-based organizations providing substance use disorder recovery services. FMG has developed successful research-backed health communication campaigns for similar organizations, including the National Opioid Action Coalition.

 “The lack of government funding for addiction recovery is a significant gap in the fight to end opioid addiction. Although many family and community foundations are eager to contribute to recovery funding, there is no coordinated effort to provide recovery resources that unite these organizations,” said Ben Garthwaite, CEO of FMG. “With our research and communication services, FMG and GRI will lead the way in an effort to coordinate recovery services and resources available nationwide that reduce stigma associated with substance use disorder.”

The partnership will consist of a 20-city strategic initiative, timed to coincide with the fall 2020 launch of Nikki Sixx’s The Heroin Diaries Musical tour. The tour and partnership serves as a catalyst for cities and states to develop an infrastructure improvement road map that engages employers, elected officials, and other stakeholders to support individuals in early recovery from substance use disorder. Throughout the initiative, FMG will offer campaign communication support and research.


The initiative will also include training and the deployment of 1,000 individuals to serve as Recovery Corps members, full-time staff working in recovery organizations across the country to strengthen existing recovery resources in communities across the nation.


To learn more about FMG’s work and capabilities, visit the FMG capabilities page.


About GRI

GRI is the first and only national community foundation dedicated to building a philanthropic source of funding for organizations to expand their capacity to provide people with substance use disorder recovery support services. For more information on GRI, visit

About the author

Matt Escoubas

Matt Escoubas

Matt Escoubas serves as Director of Special Initiatives at Fors Marsh Group (FMG) where he oversees FMG efforts focused on social good efforts, including growing the B Corp movement by increasing awareness of and driving a greater number of companies to become B Corp certified, working to reduce the stigma associated with opioid misuse prevention, treatment and recovery, and supporting singular community engagement projects championed by FMG employees through volunteer hours. Matt’s experience spans a range of topics, including opioid misuse prevention, treatment and recovery, high blood pressure and stroke prevention, tobacco prevention and control, asthma awareness, nursing research, and palliative care. His efforts have received multiple industry awards, including a PR News Platinum Award, Bronze Anvil Award, two National Health Information Awards, and two Thoth Awards.

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