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Fors Marsh Group Acquires Veterans Research Network

Building on nearly two decades of partnership with the Department of Defense, Fors Marsh Group (FMG) has announced its acquisition of the Veterans Research Network (VRN) from ScoutComms, LLC. The VRN is a research panel composed of military members from the active and reserve components of all the services as well as Army and Air National Guard, veterans, their dependents, and caregivers. This acquisition expands FMG’s ability to develop deeper insights into this distinct population group and improve decision-making for policymakers inside the Department of Defense and the Department of Veterans Affairs as well as non-profit and commercial clients.

“We are involved in some of the most influential topics regarding the All-Volunteer Force today. From recruitment and influencer engagement, to culture, to climate assessments, to battling counter-productive behaviors and overcoming drug dependency, our work relies on FMG’s ability to access this community easily and sometimes rapidly. The VRN will expand our panel reach, integrating it into FMG’s existing Insights panel of U.S. adults,” said Andy Blenkle, Vice President of FMG’s newest division, Public Service.

“We believe that clients develop better policies and practices serving veteran and military communities when they understand what their audience want, need, and care about most. Without proper research design and methodologies, organizations are prone to make flawed assumptions and draw erroneous conclusions about what really matters to this group,” said Terry Trenchard, FMG’s Military Advisor and Performance Director. “Whether a credit union wants to test a new mobile app prototype to assess the user experience or a corporation wants to understand how to attract former military and veteran candidates into their organization, FMG is uniquely qualified to conduct the research necessary to best inform decision-making, have an impact, and deliver results.”

About FMG
FMG conducts large-scale research and marketing efforts for the federal government and commercial sector related to military readiness, financial and retirement education, recruiting and retention, diversity, equal opportunity, sexual assault prevention, and recruiter quality of life and military family well-being. FMG, a certified B Corporation and Virginia Values Veterans (V3) employer is a company that uses business as a force for good and increasing military and veteran participation in research will compound the positive impact we can achieve for the federal government and military-friendly organizations. For more information visit:

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Andy Blenkle

Andy Blenkle

Andy Blenkle is a marketing executive with extensive advertising experience supporting non-profits and federal organizations. At FMG, Andy serves as Vice President, focused on supporting client marketing campaigns and business development and partnership efforts. In his executive-level experience, Andy has served as President of iostudio, a Nashville-based digital marketing firm, and ...

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