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Fors Marsh Group Awarded Contract to Inform Suicide Prevention Policies for U.S. Military

Fors Marsh Group (FMG) earned a one-year contract to provide complex data analysis and to produce the Annual Suicide Report (ASR) for the Defense Suicide Prevention Office (DSPO) in partnership with the Office of People Analytics (OPA).

FMG’s expertise will support this congressionally mandated report, which focuses on recent suicide trends within the U.S. Military to allow for the examination of whether recent Department of Defense (DOD) policy or programmatic initiatives are having the desired effect. It also describes the Department’s multifaceted public health approach to target areas of greatest concern and to continue to support military families. Specifically, FMG will provide project management, data and information acquisition, data analysis, report editing, brief creation, publishing support, and quality control for the CY 2019 and CY 2020 ASRs. Findings from FMG’s research will give DOD decision makers essential information and metrics to assess the effectiveness of DOD prevention initiatives and their success in preventing suicide among Service members and their families.

“In 2018, 325 active duty members died by suicide, which represents an increase over the last five years. FMG is committed to conducting research that contributes to DOD’s work to reduce, if not eliminate, suicide in the military community,” said Laura Severance, Director of Military Health and Wellbeing Research at FMG. “This work will supplement FMG’s current research programs for DSPO and focus on better understanding the complex dynamics surrounding suicide and potential areas for intervention.”

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