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Fors Marsh Group is a Financial Times 2021 Fastest Growing Company

Fors Marsh Group (FMG) ranked on the Financial Times The Americas Fastest Growing Companies 2021 list. This prestigious recognition highlights the top 500 companies in the Americas that have shown sustainable growth during the COVID-19 pandemic and offers a snapshot of FMG’s strong and highly resilient business ecosystem.  

FMG goes beyond the traditional business model, embedding our commitment to using business as a force for good into everything we do,” said Ben Garthwaite, FMG’s CEO. Our unique approach has allowed FMG to expand into new markets every year, organically growing our capabilities and reinforcing FMG’s standing as a leading B Corp business and a nationally recognized company.  

This year, FMG thrived amid a global pandemic primarily because of its high degree of organizational adaptability and the employees’ dedication to creating positive change in the communityFMG has been able to continue to provide its clients and partners with innovative solutions that solve real-world problemsRecently, for example, FMG partnered with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to develop the #WeCanDoThis COVID-19 public education campaignThe company’s experts are also working to improve election administration in order to advance voter access and participation. FMG’s work with the U.S. Department of Defense has expanded as well, as it continues providing support to clients, including the U.S. Army National Guard and the Defense Suicide Prevention Office.  

We are looking forward to continued growth this year and next as we strengthen and expand our partnerships in the defense, health, and consumer industries. Read more about FMGimpact here. 

The Financial Times’ The Americas list was compiled with Statista, a research company, and ranks entrants from across the Americas by compound annual growth rate (CAGR) in revenue between 2016 and 2019. 

About Fors Marsh Group 

Fors Marsh Group is a company that uses business as a force for good. Since 2002, it has focused on applying research and strategy to create positive behavior change in people and to improve programs and policies in large organizations and government. This work is conducted within seven core U.S. markets: health, defense, technology, finance, homeland security, policy, and consumer. As a B Corporation, FMG governs from a unique set of values and policies that compound the positive impact achieved for its employees, clients, and partners. 

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