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FMG Launches AccuForms to Improve Data Accuracy and Customer Experience

Fors Marsh Group (FMG) announces its new solution to improve the customer experience with federal forms: FMG AccuForms.

Unclear and inflexible forms required by government agencies and financial institutions lead to frustrated consumers and lower satisfaction scores. Inaccurate and unreliable data yield faulty information and misguided recommendations. FMG’s AccuForms is a five-step process that incorporates the full spectrum of usability and evaluative methods—from user testing to randomized field experiments—to build effective and reliable forms that customers can successfully understand and submit.

“When filing taxes or applying for a loan, consumers need clear and simple instructions and data collection layouts to help them to provide accurate information,” said Justin Baer, FMG Vice President for Program Evaluation and Policy Analysis. “We developed AccuForms to improve the usability of the form and increase the accuracy of the data it collects. Well-designed and usable forms lead to better decisions, lower risk, and reduced stress for consumers and organizations.”

FMG’s approach goes beyond simple user feedback. We draw on collaborative discovery sprints, customer and user experience testing, and large-scale field experiments to design, test, and refine forms. We isolate what does and doesn’t work in digital and paper-based forms—for all users and population groups—to create forms that are understood by all customers.

Learn more about AccuForms here, and contact us to discuss how FMG can enhance the usability and accuracy of your customer forms.


About Fors Marsh Group

Fors Marsh Group is a company that uses business as a force for good. Since 2002, it has focused on applying research and strategy to create positive behavior change in people and to improve programs and policies in large organizations and government. This work is conducted within seven core U.S. markets: health, defense, technology, finance, homeland security, policy, and consumer. As a B Corporation, FMG governs from a unique set of values and policies that compound the positive impact achieved for its employees, clients, and partners.

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