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Fors Marsh Group Earns B Corporation Recertification

Fors Marsh Group (FMG) is proud to announce our recertification as a Certified B Corporation, following a recent re-evaluation by B Lab. FMG earned a final B Impact Assessment (BIA) score of 99.7, a significant jump from the company’s previous score of 84.5 in 2017. 

“This recertification affirms our standing as a people-first company, committed to impactful work and continuous growth,” said Ben Garthwaite, FMG CEO. “FMG is honored to continue to work alongside organizations that share our mission to expand the B Corp movement and leverage business as a force for good.” 

B Lab’s recertification assessment results identified areas in which FMG’s impact has been most significant since 2017. FMG’s notable score improvement reflects the company’s comprehensive employee benefits and positive and inclusive work environment. High employee satisfaction rates show that FMG is creating a positive impact in not only the lives of its employees, but in its community as well, creating high-quality jobs for people in the midst of a period of economic uncertainty.  

FMG’s score also supports the organization’s commitment to serving purpose-driven clients. From the Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Office (SAPRO) to the Federal Voting Assistance Program (FVAP), FMG uses its research and consulting to further invaluable causes and create a material positive impact on society.  

Since its founding, FMG has been committed to creating a positive global impact by using science and strategy to improve people’s lives. The organization’s dedication to a higher standard of business practice earned itself its first B Corp certification in 2017, making it one of over 3,500 businesses in more than 70 countries in the global B Corp community. 

B Lab certifies companies based on how they create value for stakeholders, including their employees, the community, and the environment. The nonprofit’s goal is to build a community of businesses and organizations that meet the highest standards of verified, overall social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability.  

Learn more about FMG’s status as a Certified B Corporation. 


About Fors Marsh Group 

Fors Marsh Group is a company that uses business as a force for good. Since 2002, it has focused on applying research and strategy to create positive behavior change in people and to improve programs and policies in large organizations and government. This work is conducted within seven core U.S. markets: health, defense, technology, finance, homeland security, policy, and consumer. As a B Corporation, FMG governs from a unique set of values and policies that compound the positive impact achieved for its employees, clients, and partners. 

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