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In this series, we're taking a closer look at Fors Marsh Group's (FMG) B Corporation recertification. We'll talk with FMG experts to discuss the specific areas where we achieved our most notable improvements since our first B Impact Assessment, what it means for FMG to beaB Corp, and how our vision aligns with theUN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We hope the effort and progress FMG has made over the past four years will inspire other organizations to pursueB Corp Certification 

We sat down withJen Gibson, VP of Advanced Analytics at FMG, to discussFMG'smission and its value to its clients. In this interview, she touches on the importance of aligning client and partner values, collaborative problem solving, data security, and more. Here's what she had to say about the connection between stakeholder well-being and mission alignment.  

TheCustomersImpact Area evaluates a company's value to its directcustomersand the consumers of its products or services, covering topics like ethical and positive marketing, warranty and quality assurance of products and services, data privacy, data security, and more.  

Jen GibsonQ: What is your role at FMG, and how does it bring value to FMG's direct customers and consumers? 

JG: I'm the VP of Advanced Analytics, and also the executive sponsor of the internal human subjects research review group, the Human Protections Administrator, and the chair of the Innovation, Research & Development (IR&D) Committee. My role helps FMG's direct customers and consumers by focusing on the consistency and quality of research methods and processes, including quality control and the protection of human research participants. The Advanced Analytics team functions as a center of excellence for data management, quantitative and qualitative research methods, and survey methods. I also oversee teams with a strong focus on secure storage and handling of private data, such as personnel records, contact information, and other personally identifiable data. Through our IR&D program, we continuously strive to extend and improve everything we do. 

Q: How would you describe the positive outcome for customers created by FMG's services? 

JG: The whole of FMG's services translate into true collaboration in solving applied problems with data-based evidence and earnest stewardship of our customers' resources. Our customers can trust us to lead every undertaking with scientific values and a vested interest in our shared goals. As we work alongside clients, we arrive at sound approaches for data collection, analysis, interpretation, and translation of findings into practical application with open guidance, accountability, and fairness.  

Q: When deciding on customers and partners to work with, what are some factors that FMG considers? 

JG: FMG examines the societal impact, the well-being of stakeholders, and the fit of our skills and capabilities with the demands of the job. We sign on with the intention of exceeding expectations. 

Q: Have there been any recent updates to the customer vetting process to ensure that our customers' values and mission align with those of FMG? 

JG: In addition to explicit consideration of the values and goals of potential clients, partners, and vendors, it is also normal for us at FMG to continuously think about, discuss, and debate whether clients' values and mission align with our own. The fact that FMG leadership statements about values and goals have engendered a sense of voice among our staff means there's a built-in system of self-regulation or keeping ourselves honest. 

Q: What inspired these changes? 

JG: I think that FMG's owners being vocal about their value of our social and environmental responsibility and FMG's identification as a B Corp has facilitated FMG employees' expression of the same values.  

Q: What's coming up for FMG to further this progress? 

JG: There's a self-sustaining effect that shows itself everywhere—in internal chatter, discussions with job applicants, and conversations with current and future clients. I think this will further solidify the direction of the company as we grow. 

Q: What piece of advice can you share with organizations embarking on this journey or thinking of making similar changes?    

JG: I'd say not to underestimate the momentum you can generate behind shared B Corp values and goals. With a skilled and wholehearted group that puts our skills toward social and environmental responsibility, it feels like we can have it all. We can take pride in our craft and put our collective efforts toward the greater good. It's like the parable of the bricklayers; only we get to have all three: a job, an occupation, and purpose. That sets the stage for solid commitment and meaningfulness behind everyday tasks. 

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