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FMG’s Black Culture Curation Series continues with Follow the Wave, which highlights powerful Black voices and influencers who are shaping some of today’s most relevant social media conversations.

Black people have influenced American culture and activism since this nation’s founding. With the advent of the digital age, Black influencers have new leadership platforms that are connected to various communities, from fashion to activism. Whether it’s TikTok dance challenges or phrases like “doing it for the culture,” social media has provided a powerful outlet for Black artists and creatives to share their perspectives with the world. Style icons, travel bloggers, and health and well-being experts are on all social media platforms sharing their culture and empowering others. The level of impact the African diaspora has on consumers all around the world is enormous. 

Activists are spreading the word online. Social justice movements such as #MeToo, #BlackLivesMatter, and #OscarsSoWhite have been led by Black Americans. These social media activists are challenging the status quo by bringing awareness to issues that harm the advancement of Black women and men. 

These trendsetters and thought leaders influence the brands we trust, the products we try, and the causes we support. Usually beginning with small audiences, influencers today have successfully used social media to organically build communities and affect change that uplifts us all.

Check out these influencers on social media platforms and follow the wave!

Lifestyle and Fashion Bloggers

June Ambrose

  • 19 LGBTQIA+ Black Beauty Creators You Should Be Following ASAP
  • June Ambrose—A creative director, costume designer, style icon, and stylist to the stars.
  • Chioma B: @csevolutionofstyle—A style blogger and content creator who focuses on authenticity and dressing with vibrant colors, patterns, and styles.
  • @supermodi—An influencer and entrepreneur focused on fashion.
  • Perris Howard: @perrishoward—A content creator focused on making content on Black boy joy, a movement aimed at redefining the narrative of Black masculinity in society.
  • Monique Smith: @moniqueesmithxo—A content creator focused on fashion, lifestyle, and how-to’s. If you’re looking for outfit inspiration that mixes classic staples and street style, Monique is a great place to get it.
  • @dominiquedrakeford—A self-described “Black Indigenous Vanguard of Sustainability” who focuses on sustainable fashion, food, and consumer choice.
  • Thoughtful Co: @shop.thoughtful—A nonprofit that amplifies Black content, businesses, and more.

Travel and Culture

Karl Shakur

  • Travel Noir—A travel company dedicated to making international travel more inclusive and representative for explorers of color.
  • Black & Abroad—A space for Black travelers to learn and share.
  • @hey_ciara—If traveling solo is on your bucket list, follow Ciara and check out her resources.
  • Karl Shakur: @karl_shakur—An adventure photographer and storyteller who is based in Kansas.
  • @okayafrica—A content library focused on amplifying the voices, talent, issues, and culture of Africa to a global audience.
  • Elsa Majimbo: @majimb.o—A Kenyan chess champion, comedian, and influencer who makes content that aims to make light of and poke fun at narratives on social media. Check her out in an article that was recently showcased in Forbes.
  • The Conscious Kid: @theconsciouskid—Provides parenting advice and educational content related to Black and Brown issues, children’s books, and more.

Mental Health and Fitness 

Rene Brooks

  • @therapywhileblack—Amplifies resources and mental health awareness content.
  • Faith Broussard Cade: @fleurdelissspeaks—A public speaker, mental counselor, and wellness advocate who posts quotes and content made to help the audience to reflect and heal.
  • René Brooks—An advocate for wellness and empowerment among Black women with ADHD.
  • Kai Simon—A functional trainer who shares therapeutic exercises and pain management tips on YouTube.
  • Arianna Elizabeth—Offers beginner and intermediate yoga on YouTube.
  • Imani La Flor: @ashleyimani—A musician and roller skater who shares content on beauty, empowerment, skating, and music.


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  • Strong Black Lead
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Activists and Thought Leaders


  • Blair Imani: @blairimani—An author, historian, educator, and influencer using her identity as a Black, bisexual, Muslim woman to make her followers #smarterinseconds.
  • George Lee: @theconsciouslee—A previously nationally ranked debater who uses his platform to debunk racist, anti-LGBTQIA+, and other discriminatory narratives in the media. He often amplifies other Black creators on his IG and his TikTok (@theconsciouslee).
  • @raventhesciencemaven—A Black scientist and communications professional with ADHD who talks about Black women in STEM, mental health, and makes fun science content.
  • Rachel Cargle—A philanthropic innovator and founder of the Loveland Foundation.
  • Ijeoma Oluo—The author of “So You Want to Talk About Race”.
  • Ibrahim Abdul-Matin—The author of “Green Deen: What Islam Teaches About Protecting the Planet”.
  • Majora Carter—An environmental activist and urban revitalization strategist.

Explore the rest of FMG’s Black Culture Curation Series here. To learn more about FMG’s DIVE Committee, the Black@FMG affinity group, and our commitment to a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable workplace, visit our Culture page.

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jasmine wheeler headshotAs the co-chair for FMG's Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Committee, Shelbi Hall leads FMG's efforts to identify, set, communicate, and implement diversity and inclusion goals and programs. Joining FMG in 2018, Shelbi serves a Human Resources Generalist to assist employees during their career at FMG. She reinforces policies and procedures as well as assists in employee relations, performance management, training and development, and benefits and compensation. 


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