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Fors Marsh Group Ranked in the PRWeek Agency Report 2021

Fors Marsh Group (FMG) was recognized in the PRWeek Agency Report 2021, ranking No. 19 in the United States and No. 31 globally. FMG’s ranking is based on the organization’s performance in 2019 and 2020, including staffing and revenue growth. This is the first year that FMG has submitted for inclusion in this report.

In awarding this honor, PRWeek highlighted FMG’s success in its efforts to deepen in its core values and leadership in the Certified B Corporation business community. PRWeek took stock of agencies in the industry who persevered through a very challenging 2020, a year in which FMG recommitted to anti-racist business practices, as well as worked to improve resourcing for substance use disorder recovery. The organization also worked within their local community and B Corp community to navigate the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, applying its research and health communications background to create impact for underserved groups. 

“We are incredibly grateful for our employees who stepped up this past year, despite the new challenges we faced, to serve our clients and community,” said Ben Garthwaite, FMG CEO. “Our teams’ resiliency and commitment to creating a positive impact is what drives FMG’s success, and this recognition affirms the value of our B Corp approach. As FMG continues to navigate the rapidly evolving PR industry, we’re grateful for the support of our clients, partners, and opportunities like this, which remind us of the importance of our work.”

The PRWeek Agency Report describes how firms remained committed to their stakeholders, as well as how successfully they rebounded, providing essential counsel to clients and defining and guiding corporate reputation. The report takes into consideration a comprehensive overview of the PR agency sector includes agency rankings tables, sector data and infographics, in-depth features and analysis, as well as reviews of the impact of the COVID-19 health pandemic and progress on diversity.

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About Fors Marsh Group

Fors Marsh Group is a company that uses business as a force for good. Since 2002, it has focused on applying research and strategy to create positive behavior change in people and to improve programs and policies in large organizations and government. This work is conducted within seven core U.S. markets: health, defense, technology, finance, homeland security, policy, and consumer. As a B Corporation, FMG governs from a unique set of values and policies that compound the positive impact achieved for its employees, clients, and partners.

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