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March is B Corp Month, a yearly observance that celebrates B Corps and our commitment to building a more inclusive economy—one that addresses society’s most pressing social and environmental challenges. To increase awareness about the B Corp movement to use business as a force for good, Fors Marsh Group (FMG) teamed up with fellow certified B Corp Ad Victoriam Solutions (AdVic). Together, we aim to help facilitate further community engagement within the B Corp community by improving the B Hive platform, a website for B Corp member employees.

B HiveSince becoming a certified B Corp in 2017, FMG has become a champion of growing the global community of B Corps—currently more than 3,600 strong worldwide. This year’s B Corp Month theme is “Better Business,” which aligns with one of the many benefits that B Corps gain through their certification: the ability to access a community of like-minded changemakers and work together to create a more equitable global economy. The B Hive is a powerful tool for making better business possible, serving as a hub for the B Corp community to learn, share, and connect with each other. FMG and AdVic’s pro bono efforts to maximize the B Hive user experience will foster increased opportunities for B Corps to leverage our collective power to affect positive change across our local, national, and global communities. 

FMG conducted formative research, a survey of the B Corp community, and strategic planning tactics that were integral to creating and launching the Marketplace within the B Hive, an e-commerce shop where B Corps can do business with other B Corps. This new Marketplace allows B Corps to easily source products and services from others in the community—simply put, the goal is to encourage the community to “Buy from B’s.” AdVic provided technical support by improving the overall functionality of the B Hive website, including its registration process. These upgrades to the B Hive and the Marketplace will allow B Corp employees to connect more easily with other B Corp employees. FMG also provided B Lab, the governing organization that certifies B Corps, with a roadmap to continuously improve the B Hive’s overall user experience.

“B Corps working together is not only good for business, it’s good for the world,” states Matt Escoubas, Director of Special Initiatives at FMG. “FMG believes that looking first within our B Corp community of partners and suppliers when making purchasing decisions is central to the growth of the movement.”

Curious to learn more about FMG’s commitment to do better business as a B Corp? Read more about how our employees create a positive global impact.   

About the author

Brionna Hunter

Brionna Hunter

Brionna Hunter currently serves as a Consultant Intern at Fors Marsh Group while also completing her MBA at Georgetown University. In her role, Brionna has been supporting the company’s SERV (Social Engagement through Research-Centered Volunteerism) initiative, which includes efforts to assist B Lab and the greater B Corp community. Brionna is a proud graduate of Howard University and has prior experience working in marketing at the United States Postal Service, Microsoft, and HNTB Corporation.

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