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The letter 'B' has become pretty significant around Fors Marsh Group, especially this month since it's our Birthday—we're 19! While we're fêting ourselves through our last year of teenhood, we're also celebrating FMG's recertification status as a B Corporation! There's a lot worth celebrating. 

So, what's been going on for the past 19 years? 

The Big Question (How It Started) 

When we founded FMG all those years ago in 2002, we did so with one question in mind: How can we make the world a better place? Nineteen years later and it's still the singular question that shapes our decision-making, core values, and approach to problem-solving. We want to do better, and be better.  

Of course, over the past 19 years, FMG has seen some changes. We've grown from a few dozen employees in the early years to nearly 400 today. We've become known for our research-first approach and purpose-driven perspective. We know we operate differently. And we celebrate it because for us, success is only achieved with a balance of profit and purpose over the long term.  There is no blueprint for us to follow, no formula or firm that came before.  We are charting our own path to building the best company we can imagine. 

Notable Achievements (How It's Going) 

Today we are a research-first company. Research is not our only focus, but it is foundational to how we approach every challenge. Our service offerings are continually evolving because we know that relying on research alone will not create the future we envision. And the scale of our work has also expanded considerably. Today, we pour our energy into tackling some of the most critical issues facing our world. Our work ranges from promoting public health, measuring and improving government services to its citizens, improving the effectiveness of elections, to helping envision and bring to life the public sector workforce and workplace of tomorrow. We support the U.S. Department of Defense efforts to develop and maintain a respectful and inclusive environment and a Military culture free from sexual assault and harassment. We are the lead agency supporting the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services’ We Can Do This campaign focused on increasing confidence in COVID-19 vaccines and reinforcing prevention measures. We are beyond proud to be part of these and so many other efforts to shape a better world. 

And we’re a people-first company. People are at the center of everything we do and are prioritized in every decision we make. We've racked up a few awards along the way, including being named a 2021 Top Workplaces USA, and a Washington Post Top Workplace. Although the recognition is welcome, it's truly our core mission to make an impact that motivates us on a journey to improve lives. The acknowledgment from outside organizations is just a testament that we're on the right path. 

Behind the B 

One of our proudest moments as an organization came in 2017, when FMG was officially certified as a B Corporation. What does that mean? As a B Corp, we commit to meeting the highest standards of social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability, ensuring that our business practices not only benefit our clients, their employees, and their audiences, but our own organization, employees, community, and the environment as well. It's a tall order, but we believe business must play an integral role in building an equitable future for all, be stewards of the responsibility to always put people first, and remain passionate about finding meaningful solutions to every challenge. 

This past year, FMG was recertified as a B Corporation. In fact, our final B Impact Assessment score ranked 99.7, 15.2 points higher than our initial score in 2017. Our recertification assessment results reflect enhanced employee policies and benefits and an inclusive work environment.  

How to Certify 

B Corp Certification can be rigorous but worth it! It is the only certification that measures a company's entire social and environmental performance. The B Impact Assessment considers an organization's complete business model and its impact on its employees, community, environment, and customers. Details such as benefits packages, supply chain vendors, and environmental footprint are all weighed. To be certified as a B Corp, your organization must be independently verified to meet the highest standards of performance. 

Learn more about the assessment and requirements process at the official Certified B Corporation website. 

What's Next? 

'B' on the lookout for an upcoming interview series detailing the impact areas regarding B Corporation certification and how they affect the overall scope of FMG's operations. 

This deeper dive will feature the improvement areas around our recertification, what it means for FMG to be a B Corp, and how our vision aligns with the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The series will examine environmental issues, governance, FMG customers, and more. 

Each week, FMG experts will share steps in our journey to becoming a 'B' and deliver insight on the recertification process. Look for our first interview to debut on November 22. We discuss FMG's role in environmental stewardship with Employee Support & Success Manager, Hillary Hackett.  


We'll also be sharing stories from B Corps' #BehindTheGift campaign. B Corporations are made up of a wide network of partners, employees, and vendors, all working together to make a difference. Behind the Gift will give you an inside view of an even greater impact. Stay tuned! 

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