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Lynne Doner Lotenberg Joins Fors Marsh Group as Vice President, Communication Campaign Research and Evaluation

Fors Marsh Group (FMG) is excited to welcome Lynne Doner Lotenberg as vice president of our newest practice area, Communication Campaign Research and Evaluation (CCR&E). As VP, Lynne will oversee the research and evaluation arm for all our communication campaigns, which involves taking on some of the most critical communication efforts in the United States, including Health and Human Services’ (HHS) We Can Do This public education campaign, the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) The Real Cost, and the U.S. Army’s What’s Your Warrior? 

With over 30 years of communications and evaluation experience spanning a wide range of social issues, Lynne is well-suited to guide our foundational and formative research, segmentation, and campaign evaluation. The practice area will continue to lead and expand our efforts in these areas and provide sustainable, long-term strategies that ultimately improve people’s lives. 

With her depth of experience in social and public health, Lynne is the perfect fit to helm Communication Campaign Research and Evaluation at Fors Marsh Group,” said Executive Vice President Brian Griepentrog. “She's passionate about improving lives and creating change through impactful campaigns like the ones we are known for. Our clients will benefit from her tremendous knowledge of branding, behavior change, and evaluating outcomes. 

Forming the CCR&E practice area follows our move to consolidate marketing and outreach activities. This new practice will focus on integrating new methodological approaches with existing best practices to target, develop, monitor, and evaluate campaigns tackling complex social and health issues, from public health to social welfare to military recruitment. Extracting research and evaluation into a dedicated division will enhance the offerings we provide our customers, as well as the career growth potential for our employees. 

Lynne began her career uncovering the “whys” of human behavior at her alma mater, the University of Florida, working as a data analyst, where she earned a Bachelor of Science in advertising and a Master of Arts in mass communication. In previous roles, Lynne partnered with public health clients to help citizens live healthier and safer lives, including the American Medical Association (AMA); Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC); the National Institutes of Health (NIH); the National Health Council (NHC); and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.  

Lynne served as co-editor of the international journal Social Marketing Quarterly for 11 years and is currently a member of its advisory board. She co-authored two editions of the graduate text Marketing Public Health: Strategies to Promote Social Change and has contributed to numerous publications focusing on audience segmentation, brand development, focus groups, and partnership development. She most recently founded Elucidate Change LLC, a woman-owned business dedicated to using social marketing and strategic communications to collaborate with communicators, government agencies, and nonprofits to spur social change. 

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