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A strong digital content strategy is critical for any public health campaign. It’s your road map for both creating digital materials that are tailored to your audience and distributing them to your audience in the most effective ways. Fors Marsh Group (FMG) uses digital strategies that leverage research to make better decisions, going beyond traditional tactics to influence hard-to-reach audiences. The following insights can help you master digital content strategy to drive awareness and impact behaviors. Read below or download our insights.

#1 MYTH: You must do all your research upfront before campaign launch.  

MASTERY: Build multiple methods of research—from social listening and brand lift surveys to A/B testing—into each stage of your campaign, and use the findings to inform your content strategies.

Rather than relying on one data point from the beginning, use social listening to sample your audience at a variety of touchpoints and to determine whether behavior and/or attitudes are changing or need nudging. By understanding what people are asking about right now, you’ll know what content to develop and when it should go into market. 

#2 MYTH: You must stick to what you know works.  

MASTERY: Don’t be afraid to try tactics like influencer marketing and paid media partnerships to keep up with the rapidly changing digital landscape.  

To reach niche audiences for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) COVID-19 Public Education Campaign, FMG branched out into new methods of advertising through paid media partnerships with social platforms, agencies, and digital creators. By leveraging influencers—athletes, pop culture personalities, medical experts, health officials, and other familiar voices in local communities—we were able to generate billions of impressions and almost 10 million video views. 

#3 MYTH: You must prioritize short-form video.  

MASTERY: Incorporate long-form videos (up to 2 minutes) into your content strategy using trusted voices.  

Yes, short-form video is important, and sometimes it’s required depending on the placement, but don’t underestimate the power of longer content. For example, trusted messengers can share key messages as experts, and they usually need more than 6 seconds to effectively communicate those messages. Their voices have an authenticity that resonates with audiences who may distrust the government, and they demonstrate an eagerness to educate and help. Don’t forget to tie this back to Mastery Tip #1 by testing longer videos to make sure they are effective for your audience. 

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About Fors Marsh Group

FMG has 20 years of experience in applying data-driven strategies to some of our nation’s biggest health concerns. We have been the prime contractor for the COVID-19 Public Education Campaign, or We Can Do This, since August 2020 for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Office of the Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs (ASPA). For more information, read our blog post, Applying Marketing Methodology to COVID-19 Behavior Change. 

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