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Reducing disparities in public health starts with understanding how your priority audience accesses both public health information and resources. Using this information, you can improve the delivery and reach of both your messages and your services, such as vaccines, screenings, or examinations. The right partner provides that insider knowledge of the lived experiences of community members and their health needs and has already established a foundation of trust within the community.  

Finding a Good Fit 

Relationships: Leverage your contacts and build on existing connections 

Alignment: ate level of trust and effectiveness of communication 

Reach: Measure engagement in the community 

Reputation: Assess current and prior experience with similar efforts  

Execution: Consider history and current capacity 

Reporting: Review ability to track and report results.


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Why FMG? 

Fors Marsh Group (FMG) has more than 20 years of experience in applying data-driven strategies and evidence-based research to some of our nation’s biggest health concerns. We have the relationships to quickly assemble teams with diverse, multicultural expertise in social marketing, communications, partnerships, behavior change, technology, and program management.

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