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The emphasis of Fors Marsh Group's (FMG) work has always centered on the idea of being better. One key component of betterment is health. Whether public or individual health, our team of health and risk communication specialists have designed and executed rigorous research to develop communication and messaging strategies related to diabetes, tobacco, obesity, nutrition, chronic disease, over-the-counter drugs, pain medication, cancer, and illegal substance abuse. Our expertise in risk perception, emotion, and message development has shaped many different evidence-based behavior change campaigns.

FMG uses an understanding of the commercial, start-up and public health landscape and our detailed experience in the federal public policy sector to provide resources and expertise to shape the health and risk issues that federal, commercial, and non-profit organizations face on a daily basis.

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Frances headshot

Frances Heilig

Vice President, Communication Research, Strategy, and Outreach

Examples of Impact

Recently completed projects include:

Fors Marsh Group, FMG, NCI, National Cancer Institute

National Cancer Institute (NCI)

Supported the design and execution as well as led the analysis and reporting phases for usability testing of


Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

Conducted focus groups with current smokers across the country to evaluate emotional and cognitive reactions to strategic concepts for point-of-sale advertising materials.

Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

Conducted in-home ethnographies to gain insight into at-risk rural youths’ habits, activities, preferences, and perceptions of daily life, as well as to explore their attitudes and beliefs regarding tobacco use.

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