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Leveraging Expedient Access to Military Communities for Research Engagements

The Veterans Research Network (VRN) is a panel community of current and former military Service members and their families from all components of the U.S. Military. Through FMG research projects, the panel will provide feedback and insights that help organizations produce positive changes in their products and policies focused on these audiences.

FMG’s researchers will spur the development of deeper insights, using their ability to recruit participants and collect and analyze data (panel community insights) and, in turn, identify recommendations that improve decision making for any entity that serves—or wishes to reach—the veteran and military communities. This can only be achieved when policymakers, nonprofits, and commercial clients understand what this distinct audience wants, needs, and cares about most.

“We are involved in some of the most influential topics regarding the all-volunteer Force (AVF) today.

From recruitment and influencer engagement to culture to climate assessments to battling counter-productive behaviors and overcoming drug dependency, our work relies on FMG’s ability to access this community easily and sometimes rapidly.

The VRN will expand our panel reach, integrating it into the existing FMG Insights panel of U.S. adults,” said Andy Blenkle, Vice President of FMG’s newest division, Public Service.

Andy Blenkle

Andy Blenkle

Vice President, Public Service

Through VRN engagement, the impact of partnerships and work done in support of military members, veterans, and their families will be maximized. FMG also commits to growing and activating this new panel community in support of client projects.

As a certified B Corporation and Virginia Values Veterans (V3) employer, FMG uses business as a force for good. We believe that increasing military and veteran participation in research will offer compounding positive effects for these communities and the organizations that serve them.

About Fors Marsh Insights and VRN

The VRN is a community within Fors Marsh Insights, a panel of U.S. adults whose opinions are incredibly valuable in helping to understand perspectives on a range of topics that impact the lives of everyday Americans.

Determine your eligibility to join the VRN using the registration form linked below.


By completing our electronic registration form, you become eligible to participate in focus group discussions, one-on-one in-person and telephone interviews, and online surveys. Our requests for your perspective will have a direct impact on our men and women in uniform, our veterans, and their families.